How to Enable SEO Friendly URLs in Opencart

SEO friendly URLs are the Search Engine Friendly urls that are easily readable by both humans and search engines. Unlike WordPress and other Open sources, Opencart doesn’t automatically generate SEO urls to particular page they refer to. We need to enable SEO friendly URLs to convert standard Opencart URLs to their SEO equivalent.

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How to Create WordPress custom page template

WordPress is user friendly and it gives flexible options for users to work on.

Page Templates are great way to change look and feel of a WordPress page. It is template file that can be applied to a specific page or groups of pages. Page templates can be only applied to pages, not to any other content type like posts and custom post types.

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How to create child theme in WordPress?

Why create Child Theme?

Child theme is a theme that inherits the functionality of parent theme. It is important to create child theme, so that it inherits the css from parent theme, which allows you to make changes to parent theme because code in the child theme overwrites code in the parent theme.

Incase if your modifying the existing theme and if it has been updated, all the changes will be lost.

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