How to Enable SEO Friendly URLs in Opencart

SEO friendly URLs are the Search Engine Friendly urls that are easily readable by both humans and search engines. Unlike WordPress and other Open sources, Opencart doesn’t automatically generate SEO urls to particular page they refer to. We need to enable SEO friendly URLs to convert standard Opencart URLs to their SEO equivalent.

To enable Opencart SEO URLs simply follow the below steps:

Note: To use URL Alias you need to be running apache with mod_rewrite enabled. If your not sure about this contact your web hosting provider.

Step 1: Configuring your .htaccess file

Log into your cpanel and in your opencart directory rename .htaccess.txt to .htaccess

If your opencart installation does not run on the main root folder make sure you folder it does run in ie. / becomes /shop/

What does above line mean:

If your running your Opencart store in a Sub directory i.e shop then go into .htaccess file which is located in the shop folder and locate RewriteBase / in .htaccess file and change it to RewriteBase /shop/

Step 2: Activate SEO URLs in Opencart

Log into your opencart admin dashboard then navigate to System -> Settings and click on Settings and then click on the edit icon on the Settings section which is located on the right.


In the Settings section navigate to Server tab which is located on the top. From the Server tab locate the Use SEO URLs radio button and set it to ‘Yes’. After enabling to ‘Yes’ save your setting.


Check your Opencart frontend to make sure your SEO URLs are working as expected.

Step 3: Adding SEO Keywords to your categories, products and manufacturers

To add SEO keywords for your products:

1. Go to Catalog -> Products
2. Click “Edit” on any of your product
3. Navigate to “Data” Tab then locate SEO URL field and fill in the SEO keyword field

NOTE: Do not use spaces or special characters and make sure it reflects your product title.
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